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Resources shared during Julie's breakout sessions.

Blogs and Blogging

Blogging for Success Thinking Hats Model:
Blogging is a way to record your ideas and thoughts during the learning process. It can help you to 'think out loud' and to show that you are exploring and developing new ideas. Blogs are normally written in descending chronological order, with newest posts at the top.
You can also comment on other peoples blogs and interact with members of the class online.This may be to help them solve problems, give encouragement and suggest resources and ideas.

Are you stuck for something to write about? Try using the 'Six Thinking Hats' by Edward de Bono. Choose one or two hats and wear them when you blog.

'What?', 'So what?', 'Now what?' model:
  • 'What?' - describe the learning experience including factual information about new tools and resources discovered
  • 'So what?' - Reflect critically on how this new learning has impacted on your life as a student, share what you believe were the highlights and difficult aspects of the module
  • 'Now what?' - write about your ideas for taking this learning to the next level and what you are going to do with the new tools, new concepts and describe a possible path for development

Blogging platforms

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