The World is Open

Curtis Bonk published this book in 2009 focusing on improving education at the tertiary level.
The World is Open (Chapter 1)

Quote from Curtis Bonk:
“It is in this age [of web tools] that millions, if not billions of people can read, define, and share a new idea or opinion. Such collaborations will undoubtedly result in a wave of innovations and inventions not before possible. Creativity for the masses, by the masses” Pg 36

“Our learning futures rest not only on the realization that collaboration is not simply an empowering engine for economic expansion made possible by Globalization 3.0, but also the gains in education that underpin the economic ones” pg 273

How are we preparing our students in K-12 to be collaborative learners when they emerge into tertiary education and the workplace?
How can we 'open' education to accommodate different learning styles and opportunities to foster creativity?