Vertical Articulation

Rebekah Madrid
Tasha Cowdy
Eddy Jones
Jennifer Pulskamp

Reflection and discussion

  • Ideas:
  • Both groups share with each other (not just big kids teaching small kids)
  • Forming relationships across the school
  • Sharing units with two different grades
  • One grade teaching another
  • Interview small kids for story ideas, MS kids write the story, share
  • Tools: voice thread, Wikipage, face-to face
  • Assessment ideas: video, pictures, written reflection
  • Issues: Teachers in early elem will need to do more uploading.

Project Challenge

Based on the topics discussed during the workshop, your TEAM CHALLENGE is to develop, pitch, refine and present an idea for a classroom collaboration. Use this template to collect and synthesize ideas. You may also choose to use the Understanding by Design Unit Template

Project Title: Planning Across the School: K-8
Participants level/age: K-8
Curriculum focus: Literacy (particularly ESL)
Timeline: month then possibly ongoing
Learning outcomes:
Students will be able to develop questions for an interview - (face-to-face)
Stuents will be able to reflect on each others work both vertically and horizontally (use of wiki postings or voice thread)
Students will be able to to create a story, draw pictures to go with a story, create a story book

'Seven Steps to Flatten Your Classroom' - Essential objectives for global collaboration

Use this list as a template for brainstorming and creating your project

Connection between MS and lower ES
Students set up in teams (of both MS and ES)
Each team has a wiki (or link on a wiki)

Face-to-face to start
Synchronous within the grade level (horizontal)
Asynchronous between grade levels (vertical)
Videoing to give feedback to selves

To remember the audience they are working with (use of correct language)
timely response

Face-to-face interview, ES contribute ideas
Posting of illustrations online by ES (will have to be done by teachers)
MS students write information, posted on Wiki, feedback from ES using voice thread
Sharing drafts, face to face and through wiki

Topic or story choice
Choice of how to publish

Book (hard copy or digital book?)
Younger kids make the illustrations
Older kids write the book (especially good for ESL students)
Using publishing program (Lulu, iPhoto, mixbooks)

How will the project and collaboration be celebrated and shared at its conclusion?

Sharing of wiki link on school website
Hard copy? Book opening at library

Final Team Product

Share your final team product via this wiki by uploading or embedding files created to support the curriculum idea.