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Team members add names here: Barbara Folliott, Clair Weston, Elif Raskin, Trish Keal

Reflection and discussion

Use the discussion tab to post reflections and comments on plenary sessions and other events during the workshop. We encourage you also to comment on each others reflections, including those in other teams, and foster meaningful conversations to support the curriculum development project challenge.

Project Challenge

Based on the topics discussed during the workshop, your TEAM CHALLENGE is to develop, pitch, refine and present an idea for a classroom collaboration. Use this template to collect and synthesize ideas. You may also choose to use the Understanding by Design Unit Template

Project Title: Digital storytelling using voicethread: The digital story book
Participants level/age: Early elementary & EAL
Curriculum focus: Who am I?
Timeline: Ongoing project throughout the year
Learning outcomes: Develop and understand our own identities and other's identities.

'Seven Steps to Flatten Your Classroom' - Essential objectives for global collaboration

Use this list as a template for brainstorming and creating your project

In what way will classrooms connect globally? (Tools and expectations)
  • The project uses Voicethread and images as a tool to explore their own identities as individuals and within a classroom community.
  • Share it with the school community and families.

What are the modes of communication? Synchronous? Asynchronous? (Tools and expectations)
  • The project will be uploaded to the voicethread website. It is an asynchronous activity.
  • We would invite community and families for feedback by emailing. And by uploading it on the voicethread site, they can comment on the project online.

What do you and your students need to know to be reliable and responsible online learners? What do you need to prepare to complete a classroom collaboration?
  • We are responsible for the students' privacy. We will only put their hand drawn pictures online.
  • Each student is contributing to the digital story. Each student has a page in the book.
  • Students need to produce an image to talk about. The image is going to represent themselves.

How will the classrooms work together? What are the parameters of the project? (Tools and expectations). How will contribution be encouraged and monitored (Tools and expectations)
  • Students need to be modelled how to use the voicethread tool.
  • They are all contributing to the final project.
  • Everyone makes a one page contribution.
  • It has to be well planned.
  • When it is recorded it should be clear and accurate language.

What choices will learners have to accommodate different learning styles and abilities?
The choice of the image to represent themselves and what they want to say.

What are the expected outcomes from the joint knowledge creation and sharing activities?
  • Understanding of strengths and limitations of ourselves and others.
  • They come to realize how important we are as individuals.
  • Connecting with other people.
  • Communicating outside of the classroom.
  • Global communication.

How will the project and collaboration be celebrated and shared at its conclusion?

Final Team Product

Our presentation

Share your final team product via this wiki by uploading or embedding files created to support the curriculum idea.