Group Project

Over the course of our 2-days together, you will be developing, pitching, refining and presenting an idea for a classroom collaboration utilizing the technology tools we explore. You will work in teams to design a project which can be used in your classroom in the coming weeks. Ideally, you will develop a globally collaborative project involving other workshop participants and their students.

You may want to use the Understanding by Design Unit Planner template(or your school's curriculum planner template)to plan your unit.


Course Credit

For those taking this workshop for university credit, your unit planner will be assessed using this rubric.

Steps to Complete the Group Project

1. Create a team page using the "New Page" button at left. Use the "Team_Page" template when you create your new page:


2. Name your page with your team name & link the page here on this page.

3. Use the template page to start planning your team project.

4. Complete the Understanding by Design or other curriculum unit plan for your team. Also fill in the 'Seven Steps to Flatten Your Classroom' chart on your Team Wiki page (template) to determine how connection, communication, contribution & collaboration, citizenship, choices, creation and celebration will be a part of your project/unit. You may also find using the MYP Technology Design cycle as a process planner for students helpful.

external image 3520372333_6d672ba22f.jpg

5. Choose one person from your team to 'pitch' your ideas to the other teams in a 'elevator' speech for peer feedback and to clarify your aims with the unit.
6. Refine your ideas and continue to build functionality using he 7 steps (or 7 'C's')
7. Create a short presentation to share your learning and ideas with the rest of the group at the end of the workshop